International External and Internal Martial Arts Academy


The 04/04/2021

Pentecôte training

Hello all,
Nous espérons toujours pouvoir maintenir le stage de Pentecôte 2021, du 29 au 31 mai.
We are still hoping to be able to maintain the 2021's Pentecôte training, from the 29th untill the 31st of may.
We will keep you posted at the beginning of may, at the end of the current confinement.
Be brave and keep you safe!

The 11/02/2021

Chinese new year

As our colleagues from the Tai-Chi have already mentionned it:
The 12th of February 2021 will start the year of the ox; we wish you an happy new year, under the metal element.
Regarding the chinese zodiac, it will be a favourable year, an ideal period to focus on loving or friendly relationships.
The yin energy, which is associated to the ox chinese zodiac, will be very intense.

The 19/12/2020

Christmas holidays

Most of the clubs are closed for the holidays.
Please check with yours to see if it keeps giving some lessons during the holidays.

We wish you all a happy holiday !

The 20/09/2020

A new black belt, and a new teacher

During the september teachers training, from the 1st to the 4th september 2020, the school has seen a new black belt, and a new teacher, join its ranks !
Alexandre, 4th câp and assistant from l'Empreinte de l'Ours has presented his black belt 1st Duan program before Master Borivoj and the technical director Ludovic, and received the congratulations from the jury !
He is now black belt 1er Duan, and has coated the yellow jacket of the teachers. He will continue to teach at l'Empreinte de l'Ours
Congratulations to Alexandre for this bery good session !

A very big thank you to Master Borivoj, master of Viet Vo Dao within his scholl Dong Fang Hong Long to agreed for being part of the jury for this session.

The 12/09/2020

The new 1st câp from the september training

During the september training, the 5th and 6th september 2020, the school has seen four new graduates join its ranks !
Jennifer and Regis, the firsts practitians of La Voie du Loup, will also be the first graduates and could lead the way to the others practitians of the club.
Margot and Nelly have joined the others graduates practitians of L'Empreinte de l'Ours. Margot is the first practitian from the children's lessons to have gather the adults, and succeed the 1st câp graduation.

We hope to find them back for the 2nd câp in approximatively 2 years !
Congratulations to them all !

The 22/08/2020

Starting 2020, and Forum of assocations

All the practitians of the previous years are invited to the september interclub training, under the direcion of Ludovic, the 5th and 5th of Septembre, at Mirmande (26).

For the others, you could meet clubs in our region in these associations meeting event :
- Saturday 5 September :
* L'Empreinte de l'Ours à Valence (26), halle Chaban Delmas, 10h - 18h.
- On Sunday 13th September :
* La Voie Du Loup in Aix-en-Provence (13), Cours Mirabeau, 11h - 18h.

For all the others, you could meet the clubs of your region in the differents forums of associations below :
- The saturday 5th of september :
* L'Empreinte de l'Ours at Valence (26), halle Chaban Delmas, from 10h to 18h.
And come to the lessons that will start the:
- Monday 7th of september :
* L'Empreinte de l'Ours at Valence,
* La Voie du Loup at Aix-en-Provence,
- Tuesdat 8th of september :
* Le Souffle de la Licorne at Glun,
* L'Esprit de l'Aigle at Peyrus,
All the details are on the page Clubs.

We whish findind you all in the best shape and condition for the starting !

Le 12/08/2020

Logo of l'Empreinte de l'Ours

Here it comes, the logo of l'Empreinte de l'Ours is done, the crest should be coming soon !

The 12/06/2020

Training the 05-06 september 2020 at Mirmande

The training of september, for practitians only, will take place the week-end of the 5th and 6th of september, at Mirmande (26).
You will soon receive a mail from your club, if it is not already done, and you can also read it on the Forum.
The registrations are open until the beginning of August, contact right away the members of your club's board.

The 07/06/2020

Separation of L'Envol du Faucon

Hello all,
Paola, the professor and president of the association L'Envol du Faucon, at Aix en Provence, has decided to end his partnership with the AIAMEI, and to stop teaching the YangKiDo style under the supervision of Master Nang.
We whish Paola and his practitians a good practice, in others skies than ours.

The 16/05/2020

Separation of La Murène de Feu

Hello all,
David, the professor and president of the association La Murène de Feu, at Aix en Provence, has decided to end his partnership with the AIAMEI, and to stop teaching the YangKiDo style under the supervision of Master Nang.
We whish David and his practitians a good practice, in others waters than ours.

The 05/04/2020

Cancelling the Great gathering of Pentecôte 2020

Hello to all of you. The confinement is going on, more and more for a undetermined duration.
We have then decided to cancel the Gread gathering of Pentecôte 2020.
We wish you to live through this period without being contaminated, or at least to recover quickly.
Keep practicing...

The 15/03/2020

Stopping the lessons

Hello to all of you. Following the government decision to close all the places "not mandatory to the country's life", we ask all the clubs to close, and to the students to practice individually, until further notice.
We will keep you posted about the Pentecôte great gathering, which is for now compromised, unless the situation comes back to normal.
We wish you to live through this period without being contaminated, or at least to recover quickly.
Keep practicing...

The 07/03/2020

Interclub training the 4th of April 2020 at Valence : CANCELED

New YangKiDo interclub training at Valence, the 4th of April 2020.
We will be as the gymnasium the Cosec, from 9h to 17h.


More details on the training on the Forum.

The 02/02/2020

Great gathering of Pentecôte : CANCELED

Hello everyone, little reminder about the AIAMEI's great gathering during the we of Pentecôte 2020, from the 30th of may until the 1st of june.
You can register at your club before the 21st of february.
You should all have received a mail introducing the training, what to brought, and the coupon to return at your club.
Thank you to report quickly at you club if you can, cannot, maybe can, come to the training, so we can book the bungalows at the fastest.


You can find back the mail on the Forum.

The 26/01/2020

Chinese new year

Hello to all, the 25th of January was the date of the chinese new year.
From the 4th of February, we will be under the sign of the White Metal Rat.
The Rat is the first animal of the chinese calendar, it symbolize a restart. We will see what this new cycle will bring to us.
We wish you all a happy new year, 2020, and the White Metal Rat.

The 23/12/2019

Chinese new year at Glun, and the 10 years of the Souffle de la Licorne

The club Souffle de la Licorne will organise the chinese new year at Glun, the saturday 1st of February 2020, and will also celebrate its 10 years.
A training is planned for the YangKiDo practitians, with the Karaté club of Glun as a guest, during the day.
From 17h, asian games will be proposed to all, including all the non practitians that are intersted to come.
At 18h30, a demonstration of Martial Arts will be presented, including the YangKiDo clubs, and the Karaté club of Glun.
At least, from 19h45, a vietnamese diner will be given by the catering Specialités d'Asie. For this meal, please order in advance toward Ludovic at the 06 58 22 95 54.


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Welcome to Sheng Zhi Qi Dao school web site, member of International Academy of External and Internal Martial Arts (A.I.A.M.E.I). Our style, Yangkido Kung Fu, was founded by Master Nang. The school is composed of four Clubs, located in south of France :
L'Empreinte de l'Ours at Valence (26),
Le Souffle de La Licorne at Glun (07),
La Voie du Loup at Aix-enProvence (13),
et L'Esprit de l'Aigle at Peyrus (26).

Please find here a description of YangKiDo style, the way we practise it and the spirit transmitted through its teaching. The story of Master Nang helps to understand the reasons why he founded his own style and the School. Practical information about courses (schedule, access map) are at your disposal. Enjoy your visit !

Sheng Zhi QI Dao

SHENG ZHI QI DAO school was born on 1995…

  • SHENG : The warrior
  • ZHI : The wisdom
  • QI : The energy
  • DAO : The way

The Académie Internationale des Arts Martiaux Externes et Internes, (A.I.A.M.E.I) is the administrative foreground of our school. I pay homage to all masters and experts that guided me on the way of Martial Arts : Master NGUYEN DAN PHU, Master PHAN BINH, Master JIAN L., Master HE, Master ZHANG D., Master CHEN Z., Master KASE, Master BRASSECASSE F., Expert Darius S. and a souvenir for Robert S.

Master Nang E.


embleme du style yangqido
Yangkido style emblem

Offensive and defensive Martial Art, member of the great sino-vietnamese martial arts family, Yangkido is the martial style of Sheng Zhi Qi Dao school.

  • YANG : The fire, associated to warrior
  • KI : The Energy, fluidity, movement and power of water
  • DO : in Martial Art philosphy, the way

The YANGKIDO was not created in a competitive way, but so that anyone could face all perturbating elements of our society. Actually, competition do exist, not against an adversary, but oneself…